I did my interview with Mrs. Bernhardt. I asked her a view questions about media.
Q.) What was media like when you were my age?
A.) Well there wasn't much media. We had TV and we got 2 channels, 3 if we were lucky. The biggest thing was the cordless phone.
Q.) WHat type of media do you use the most?
A.) Internet Easiest and fastest
Q.)With so many forms of media developing do you think it is developing too fast?
A.) Overwhelming for adults and there is so many choices to pick from
Q.)Do you think media is a positive influence to us to communicate or a negative influence such as cyberbullying?
A.) Both. It is great for commmunicating but I also see the other side which is cyberbullying.
Q.) Do you think newspapers are going extinct?
A.) I do.  Easier to download on the computer and you don't have to pay to see it on the Internet.
This project was really made me more aware of cyberbullying. I knew that cyberbullying is going on but the story of Sarah Lynn Butler  really made me realize that it is real. Sarah Butler was a seventh grader and recently had been voted queen for her school's fall festival. Sarah's mom checked her myspace page and saw that people were bullying her and tried to talk to her about it, but then Sarah unfriended her mom on MySpace. Sarah stayed home when her family went out one morning. She read her MySpace page and found messages that said she was easily forgotten. Sarah commited suicide and left a note for her family saying that she couldn't take it anymore.

Is media literacy vital for success in the twenty first century? With all the new electronics  coming out is media literacy vital, or is it just a myth? I think that media literacy it vital and I am going to tell you why.

Media is all around us. Can you imagine not knowing how to turn on a computer?  You need it even in grade school, you obivously will need media smarts in adult life too. There is no way you could get a job if you can't even understand media. Another reason why you would need to be media literate is to understand whether or not commercials are going to deliver what they say they are. Without being smart people would give in to every infomericials. The ad to the left doesn't even say anything about the company.  Some ads and sites just want to scam your information and identity, that is why we all need to be media literate.

I am going to review the show Secret Princes. Secret Princes is a show on TLC that talks about  four wealthy princes from other countries that come to America to find  their princess. They are going under cover and are not allowed to reveal their identity to anyone. They live as middle class men and have to find a job.
Four of the princes find a job being a waiter and the other four work at a pet grooming place. They have to deal with real life problems that they are not used to. They go out at night to find their princess and at the end of the show they all find a girl. They surprise them and tell them that they are princes. They invite them to come with them to the country that they rule over. Does this love actually last?

These girls think that they are with regular men. What if  they don't want to go back to their country? Most people would not just move to India with a person that they just met a few months ago. It is misleading becuase when they find I out who the actually are,  they are just going there for the money anyway. I think this media is healthy to watch but not realistic.

I think that this advertisement is mass marketing to a sub culture. Although
there is a lot of farmers in North Dakota, this advertisement targets. to only a
certain group of people. It targets the people in the field of agriculture.This
advertisement is telling you that you are a fool if you don't buy Case IH
tractors. I think this advertisement is affective in the way that it shows you
more than one image and shows his dad teaching him how to do things to be a
successful farmer. I think this advertisment is ineffective in the way that you
can't even read the words in the bottom left hand corner.


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    December 2012